Tips & Instructions

We want your afternoon tea experience to be of the highest quality, follow our tips below to make this possible! 


Our scones are made with fresh butter. This can become hard when refrigerated so we recommend either allowing them to get to room temperature before serving or, for an even better experience, heat them to bring the pastry back to its best. 
We use the freshest sliced crustless bread but if exposed to the air for too long it can become dry quite quickly. Avoid this by keeping the lid on for as long as possible before eating! 
Stir your clotted cream for a spreadable indulgent experience! Jam or cream first is your choice! 

Before it arrives:

All our food is prepared by our chefs on the day your order is due to be shipped. We then pack our delicious items immediately in our insulated packaging to ensure freshness. It is shipped using next day delivery. 

Please check you have provided accurate delivery information - we want to get the parcel to you with no delays! If you notice a mistake, contact us immediately. 

When it arrives:

Open your box & carefully remove each platter from the box. If not eating immediately, pop the platters in the fridge with the lids tightly on. They are best eaten on the day of delivery but will still be delicious for a maximum of 2 days from your delivery date. 

We recommend removing from the fridge 1 hour before serving as our products taste best at room temperature. 

Follow our brewing instructions for your tea. These can be found on the packaging. 

Plate up on your favourite crockery & enjoy!

When you are finished:

All our packaging is either reusable, recyclable or compostable. Please see our recycling guide on how to dispose of your packaging when finished.